Wireless & Fixed Access Networks


Voice1Direct designs, develops, and implements high performance, state of the art fiber and wireless broadband access solutions.


Our networks are purpose built for your organization and deliver the ability for you to own or lease unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost.


Used in conjunction with our wireless access solutions, additional cost savings and performance efficiencies are achieved by utilizing the latest in 'Fiber in the Air' 4G/LTE, WiFi MIMO & WiMAX, technologies that intelligently combine & maximize both license and unlicensed radio spectrums simultaneously.


Our key differentiator is the ability to offer customers, secure access and multi mix communications networks and services adapted to specific requirements that allow greater coverage and longer distances.


Voice1Direct networks are suited to providing the critical communications infrastructure required for industry applications including M2M, security surveillance, fire detection & monitoring, and secure fixed and wireless backhaul connectivity and redundancy.

Surveillance Networks


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems


Voice1Direct can provide a fully secure communications and Intrusion Detection Systems to protect critical infrastructure sites for the mining, gas/oil pipeline distribution and energy power plant industries.


Our turnkey system includes; Command & Control monitoring systems, CCTV/IP Camera Surveillance, fiber optic based Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and Access Control Systems (ACS).


Perimeter IDS

Automated Early Detection Bushfire Sensor Networks

Fire is a dominant disturbance factor throughout the world. Many hazards can be prevented or considerably reduced, if there are timely and automated alerts.

Voice1Direct now offers the latest in automated early detection forest fire optical sensor solutions - ideally suited to the harsh climate conditions across the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

The Forest Ranger technology has been developed in close cooperation with real fire-fighters - where critical forest fire situations require the need for reliable, high quality sensor & alerting systems.

Parameters like fast starting spot fires, strong winds, ever changing weather conditions and difficult terrain are all catered for in this cutting edge optical sensor solution.

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SpiritOne Internet Services





Acquired in 2012, SpiritOne Inc, has been offering stellar internet services for almost 15 years in Portland, Oregon, USA.


We pride ourselves on delivering the latest in high quality, broadband apps and services - all at very competitive prices and with outstanding customer service!



"Providing 'Facilities Based'

Wholesale and Retail Telecommunications Solutions & Services to

over 100 Countries Worldwide".



"Providing a Comprehensive Portfolio

of 4G Wireless & Mobile Infrastructure

and Broadband Services to Government Business and Consumer Markets"


Rapid Deployable Networks


Voice1Direct delivers a Rapid Deployable Network (RDN) solution capability - allowing for the fast enablement of high speed wireless broadband, QoS enabled voice, video, M2M and IP surveillance applications & services.

V1D's RDN's use proprietary 'WiMiX' radio architecture capable of operating at very high speeds, and delivering QoS enabled mobile & fixed broadband voice & data services across greater distances into metro & rural areas.

These very affordable mobile tower solutions can be quickly deployed for major events, fire & flood disaster zones, early stage & start up mining sites and even to temporarily cover "blackspot" areas.

Basically deploy RDN's into any new greenfields site where there is no existing or a total lack of critical high speed voice & data services available - which are always required in an emergency situation or natural disaster event!

The immediate need for the secure monitoring of critical assets in remote mining sites or within power or water plant facilities can be easily and cost effectively deployed. A mobile system also allows for areas to be properly tested and proven for radio / cellular coverage prior to any fixed communications plans.

Utilizing our unique mobile tower design concept, this solution capability is ideal for all Industry, Government & Emergency Services Organisations (ESO's), including construction and mining, defence, police and rural fire fighting authorities.

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